If I don't keep up my repayment- debt collectors will be knocking on my door! 

This is a really simple one to answer:  NO THEY WON'T

Let's put some scenarios down:

Scenario 1) You earn under the repayment threshold of £26,250  therefore no repayments are due and consequently no debt collectors to worry about!

Scenario 2) You've just lost your job in a hospital and have started looking for a new one or you are relocating and you've yet to start your new role yet - As you are not earning there are no repayments to make and no debt collectors to worry about!

You don't need to worry about debt collectors with your student loan

Scenario 3) You've just been promoted and and now you're earning above the £26,250 threshold- however, you haven't increased your payments to reflect your increase in earnings and are worries the debt collectors will be after you for underpayment. Well, it's your employers responsibility to inform the government of a change of salary so they, in turn will automatically deduct your student loan repayments.

Remember, your student loan is not like a normal debt. It is collected (when you meet an earnings threshold) via your employer's PAYE system.

You therefore only pay when you need to and the amount your pay is automatically adjusted in your pay packet!


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