Process of Dissertation Writing - part 2


In the previous section we considered:

  • How to plan your dissertation
  • How to create a schedule of tasks 
  • How to minimise stress and maximise output
  • How to scope and structure your dissertation
  • How to consider what primary research you might need to conduct
  • How to work with your tutor or supervisor
  • How to research - what to include -what to consider

In this chapter we shall look at the art of putting your thoughts and research into a coherent - well written thesis that is written at level 6 (level 6 is expected undergraduate academic writing)

What are your objectives:

Before you even begin to put pen to paper you should have tested whether or not your could actually answer the question you've posed in your thesis and whether that question can be answered reasonably within the context of the average 10,000 word dissertation- we shall look at this in some depth throughout this chapter.

What style shall i write the dissertation in:

How will you present your work- will is be written in the 1st person 'I think' or the third person 'The author considers that....'

How do i reference or cite other authors?

Depending upon which style you approach, we shall consider what academic standards there are that you can follow throughout your dissertation.

We shall explore these points and many more in the four chapter below

  • The dissertation proposal
  • How to write chapter by chapter
  • Dissertations tools to help you
  • Referencing your sources

The Dissertation Proposal 

A dissertation proposal describes the research you want to do: what it’s about, how you’ll conduct it, and why it’s worthwhile. You will probably have to write a proposal before starting your dissertation as an undergraduate student nurse.

This proposal will form the bedrock of how you will construct your end product- it will included the literary review (why you cite authors work)

In this chapter we consider what should be included in this proposal- (scope, planning, research, resources)

How to write chapter by chapter

In this chapter we delve into how to write up your dissertation chapter by chapter and what considerations you SHOULD include within each section.

Dissertation tools to help you

To scope out your project will allow you to make decisions on what questions you will answer, how you will answer them and what research you will need to answer these questions effectively. In this section we explore methods and tips on how you can scope out your dissertation to ensure you create a clear path to successfully submitting an academically robust thesis on time with the minimum of fuss.

Referencing your sources 

In academic writing at all levels, referencing is crucial. Knowing how to reference your dissertation correctly will not only give your work the academic finish it needs to pass, but will also support your ideas and arguments so that the person marking it has a clear understanding of your level of knowledge and research on the topic.

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