Responsibility of your parents:

For clarity: The financial circumstances of your parents or guardian have no bearing WHATSOEVER on your ability to either qualify for or repay a student nursing tuition fee loan.

But let's separate tuition fee loans from maintenance grants or loans:

The government of the day (irrespective if it's a Conservative, Labour or Coalition government) does expect your parents or guardian to be involved in your student nursing finances in some shape or form. The government decides how much Maintenance Loan you should receive based on your household income, because they expect your parents to make up any of  the shortfall. The wealthier your parents the more they will be expected to contribute to your living costs. The average contribution to students from parents is currently £134.25 per month. On the basis that the average living costs are over £800 per month, the maintenance grant carries the significant proportion of the financial burden.

Some good news for nurses:

In light of the governments announcement that they will create over 50,000 new nursing posts by 2024, the treasury announced that all nursing students from 2020 (sept) will receive a £5,000 per year maintenance grant which DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID

Government Student Nurse Grant announcement

Furthermore, if you chose to pursue certain nursing degrees in specialist areas where there is an acute shortage, you may received an additional £3,000 funding

All- in -all, compared with other undergraduates studying other subjects, you, as an aspiring nurse stand on a slightly better financial footing and possibly become less of a financial burden on your parents.

The responsibility of your parents and the student loan

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