Free NMC Revalidation Resources

What is nurse revalidation?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) introduced revalidation in April 2015, to strengthen the three-yearly registration renewal process and increase professionalism.  

While revalidation is the responsibility of the nurse or midwife, employers have a key role in helping to provide supportive environments and resources to ensure staff successfully revalidate and are registered to work in settings.  

NMC resources

The NMC has developed a variety of useful resources and guidance aimed at employers as well as staff.

The employers section include an employers' guide to revalidation, e-portfolio, training materials and posters and leaflets to display in staff rooms and on noticeboards. These resources will help when communicating messages about revalidation to your staff

Supporting your workforce 

While nurses and midwives are responsible for maintaining professional registration (and revalidation when implemented) there are steps employers can take to help raise awareness and prepare staff for revalidation as they reach their renewal date.

Key points to communicate to your workforce:

  • ensure nurses and midwives use the NMC templatesand are aware of the resources available
  • applications must be submitted by the first of the allocated revalidation month
  • applications cannot be processed until the payment is made

There are other steps you could take to raise awareness and prepare your staff.

You can find an excellent and free revalidation e-portfolio at this link via Hallam Medical 


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Using Confirmers

Where appropriate, make sure line managers (or other individuals) are available to act as confirmers and reflective discussion partners. Provide information about who in your organisation can act as a confirmer and reflective discussion partner as detailed in the NMC's requirements.

  • Provide space and time for your nurses and midwives to hold their reflective discussions and confirmation discussions (if separate from an appraisal process).


  • Identify revalidation application and renewal dates for all of your nurses and midwives.


  • Encourage nurses and midwives to register for NMC Online.


  • Allow access to feedback where it already exists (including audits, satisfaction surveys, complaints and the nurse or midwife's individual appraisal).


  • Ensure all staff have access to the necessary IT equipment.


  • Review whether informal organisational systems could implemented to allow for participatory continuing professional development (CPD) learning.


  • Incorporate communications about the requirements for the online revalidation process and timings into your local communication systems.


  • Remind nurses and midwives of their obligations of confidentiality under the code and data protection legislation.


  • If you need to find a mentor or wish to be a mentor yourself- please go to our nursenet connect sections for more help and guidance

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