You need to be rich to go to university!

If you're well off - have rich parents or a size-able trust fund to dip into ..good for you! If, like 99% of the population you aren't in such a fortunate position THIS SHOULD NOT STOP YOU FULFILLING YOUR DREAMS OF BECOMING A NURSE!

Firstly, a maintenance loan is means tested - the more your parents have the less you get - couple this with the £5,000 maintenance grant you'll receive as a trainee nurse.. all looks relatively rosy for you.

You don't need to be filthy rich to go to university

Finally, your employment prospects post graduation look pretty strong- there's a shortage of qualified nurses so your entering a skills short sector (always a good place to be as a graduate) Any debt you accrue at university should be manageable ( just don't rack up debt going on a luxury cruise anytime soon!)

So get to Uni and get qualified in a worthwhile profession!

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